Applying to college: Conquering the application process

How do I apply for college is a question that most students ponder over when they are in the process of college admissions. There are a few things to consider when one is applying to colleges.

1. Your transcript is the most important piece in applying to college (the application process).

2. Apply to least 2-safety schools academically and financially and apply to least 2-reach schools. Your safety schools may be the most important schools on your list.

3. Interview is a great opportunity for the college admissions counselor to get a good impression of you and for you to ask questions that will help you acquire a deeper understanding of that institution. Here is your chance to make a great impression on the admission counselor.

4. Your essay is your chance to share with the college admissions things about you that they will not get from your transcript, resume and test sheet. Your essay can make your college application come to life with your personality, your intelligence, your experience and personal philosophy of life.

5. SAT/ACT is an objective and standardized test that the higher education community uses to measure and determine your potential to succeed at their particular institution.

6. Any talents (athletics or performing arts) that you have can greatly enhance your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Institutions that may be a long shot academically for you, is now a question mark because it all depends on the need of that institution.

Applying: How to apply for a college

You can either apply online or use a paper application and it all depends on your preference (colleges and universities prefer that you do your application online if available).

- You can also use the Common Application to apply to a number of schools with one application (you have to check to see if the schools that you are applying to accept Common App.).

 - Keep in mind that some of the selective colleges and universities will require a supplemental information form if you use the Common Application before your application file will be complete (these supplemental forms are available at the Common App. Website).

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