CONQUERING COLLEGE SEARCH:Finding the right fit for you

What is the most important piece in the college search process? Finding the right fit for you.

You will need to do college searches using college search websites to get all of the information that you will need to make a well informed decision of which schools to apply to that will be a good fit for you academically, personally and financially.

Matching your academic profile to the profile of the institutions’ last incoming freshman class is key to your college process.

Create a profile that will make your college search and college application less stressful.

The transcript that you create beginning with the freshman year through your junior year will determine your grade-point-average (GPA), your class rank and your SAT scores. In most cases, the strength of your transcript correlates with your SAT scores. In some cases, few students will have high SAT scores with a weak transcript and in some cases, few students will have a strong transcript with a low SAT scores. Some students test well and they have learned the material but they did not do the day-to-day work. Some students just don’t test well.

1. First and foremost, take the most challenging course load that you can handle. Meet with your counselor to develop a four-year plan that will lead you to a successful high school career and college admissions (your transcript). The type of profile that you create will determine what type of schools you will look at.

2. This is a joint venture between you, your parents and the guidance office (keep your parents involved in the college search process as much as possible by updating them periodically).

3. If at all possible, visit the schools that you intend to apply to in order to avoid wasting your time going through the application process and wasting your application fee. Visit the college campus may be the most important piece in the college search process.

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