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How to make money on your every day expenses?

As a guidance counselor and a father of 3 college graduates, I know the college attendance process is quite involved

procedure. You will have to find the right fit academically and financially and it will always come down to money as to

where you will be able to send your son or daughter. Money is always a factor in where we can send our children to

school. I can't promise you anything but the information that I will place below has helped many parents to send their

children to school without any debt. They have been able to do what the top 5% of the population is able to do.

I will place a short video below that you can watch to see how this is possible for you. You are doing this business every

day of your life anyways. Think about this, you spend any where from $800 to $1,200 each month on household expenses

like food, cleaning products, vitamins, skin care products etc. etc. How would you like to get paid in return for spending

this money that you are spending anyways?

Watch this short video:

For more information, please go to my website where you can browse the products and register to become an

Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Once you have seen the products and the stores that we are partnered with like Bank of America, Dell, Home Depot,

Target, Starbucks, Banana Republic just to name a few, you can go to the link below to become an IBO and start saving

money and making money.

If you have any questions, please contact me: or 774-281-0095

Leonel R. DaRosa, M.Ed.

Guidance Counselor